Book Revisions


Serious authors realize that a plethora of revisions are necessary before submitting their completed manuscript to a literary agent or book publisher. While some writers dread that tedious task, others like myself savor it! It’s a real adrenalyn boost to discover the exact word or phrase that describes an emotional reaction, setting, or dialogue you wish to convey to your readers. 

The caveat in revision: Don’t devote an inordinate amount of brain cells to “fixing” the chapters you’ve already written when you should be staggering towards the finish line. In my first suspense novel, the award-winning Deadly Choices ( , I revised each chapter each time I sat in front of the computer. Then I’d move ahead to my writing of the day.

By my third novel, I’d resolved to plug ahead until I was three-quarters of the way through the manuscript. What pain and guilt I felt in that process! Like being unable to scratch a series of mosquito bites because your hands are tied behind your back!

I did plug on, however. Window of Guilt, my third novel is almost completed. I’ll be searching for an agent or a mid-sized publisher once my “who done it” character comes clean. Yesterday, I tried to urge her on but she led me on a different course! Manna for another blog….

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