The Promise of Writing Yet Another Chapter


When it comes to most aspects of my life, I’m an impatient sort. Yet when it comes to staring down an idea until it finally pops, I’m an absolute Buddah! Why the ego separation? For one thing, I love writing. Love plucking just the right word to complete a sentence.Love binding concepts so that one idea flows effortlessly into the next. Love allowing room for the plot to unfold without use of my midwife skills. (This I mean in the most general of terms since I’ve never been in the health care field!)

Although I can’t read other mysteries when I’m flush into writing my own, I have no problem listening to suspense novels while I’m driving back and forth to work. In that environment, I can anonymously observe the twists and turns of a well-plotted story. Then, armed with the proper tools to employ in my own manuscript, I can go deeper, flow faster, and capture the essence of yet another chapter.