Writing Through COVID-19


During Month 1 of the COVID-19 Lockdown, my writing dripped off me like I was Teflon. At first, I had so much to say. My thoughts and article ideas competed for space in my brain, which was already overloaded by the Pandemic. I researched and sent out quarantine-related articles to on-line magazines and newspapers I’d never even heard of. Busy work, my kids called it. Maybe they were right. I’ve been writing books for so long, I’ve lost touch with my inner- freelance writer.

Month 2, I refocused on researching and sending out queries/sample chapters/synopses to literary agents in the psychological suspense genre, regarding Up Close & Personal, my sixth novel.

When you get a zillion form rejection letters, you feel like you’re going nowhere. Up Close & Personal has been developmentally and copy edited, so I knew the story and text was good to go. What, then, was the problemo??

Instead of attempting to balance on this pinnacle any longer, I registered with ITWA International Thriller Writers Association for their July 2020 on-line Thriller Fest. This is the first time the Organization has hosted a virtual fest, and I am thrilled (ha, ha); no airline, hotel, and restaurant costs to attend! Given the Pandemic, that fits my safety and price point just fine. I registered to pitch Up Close & Personal via ZOOM to four literary agents, four minutes per agent.

Now all I need to do is come up with a great elevator pitch! Wish me luck!