Smashing Castles

ISBN: 9780972676830

A vulnerable young autistic woman. A vindictive sister. A clueless father.
A determined life coach.

Intent on restarting her tutoring business in a warmer climate, Jennie Spallone, a retired special education teacher, moves with her husband from Chicago to a small town in North Carolina.

Once there, she contracts with Mark Stone to teach independent-living skills to Akira, his 26-year-old autistic daughter. Reeling from the recent loss of his wife, Mark worries about Akira’s future when he dies.

Jennie silently questions the high-functioning young woman’s despondent demeanor. She soon discovers a toxic relationship exists between Akira and her abusive sister. But what part does Mark play in this drama?

Walk alongside Jennie as she coaches Akira to respect herself by casting aside false beliefs. Akira will rise to her true potential. All it takes is Smashing Castles.


“Jennie Spallone uses her skills as a life coach to help a young woman diagnosed with autism discover her true self. We are reminded that behind every diagnosis there is a unique person waiting to be set free.”

-Irving A. Lugo M.D., Psychiatrist, Greensboro, NC

“Jennie Spallone presents a true story about the struggles and accomplishments of a young woman with Asperger’s to gain her independence. Smashing Castles provides professionals and parents with strategies and insights on how to deal with the problems encountered by high functioning Autistic young adults.”

-J. Juris, M.A., Special Education Teacher, Chicago Public Schools

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