Couples Retreat Movie Offers Insights for Today’s Busy Couples


Last night we went with another couple to see Couples Retreat. We were in the mood for “funny” and this movie fit the bill — with a little couples therapy thrown in for good measure. Vince Vaughn plays the main character; a married guy who works twelve hours a day, attends his kids’ sports games, and is main problem solver/money man for his friends. He has little time for his wife. His wife is into remodeling their house, as well as making sure the kids are fed and homework done before driving them to their sports activities. Although their life is a maze of activities, they don’t see themselves as having marital problems.

Their friends, however, are experiencing all kinds of emotional turmoil, from extramarital affairs and divorce, to disillusionment at not being able to get pregnant. The infertile couple force their friends to sit through a Power POint presentation on an exotic Get Away that pledges to improve a couple’s relationship with their spouse. The other couples initially offer up excuses as to why they can’t attend, but eventually all eight men and women are stepping off the wonder boat and onto the fertile island of Bali. They assume fun and games are in their near future, but surprise, surprise. Drinking and partying are on a sister island that’s meant fo singles, only. The itinerary they receive is work, work, work, spelled “Therapy.”

It’s difficult to imagine that such a topic could be so hysterically funny. Yet the reactions of each couple as they deal with their own personal therapist and explore the implications of their actions hits home. I don’t want to give away the ending. Let it suffice to say that you’ll recognize yourself or a family member or friend in at least one of these couples. Let me know what you think….

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