Interviewing Your Characters


Yesterday, I did a workshop at the Schaumburg Public Library entitled Interviewing Your Characters. Participants molded a protagonist — that person being me since nobody else wanted to sit in the role-playing chair — by brainstorming answers to my “characteristics of a protaganist” questionaire. My husband got to the event just in time to play antagonist. Since he’s not the most game-loving individual, he really leaped out of his comfort zone to sit in the role-playing chair.

The protagonist turns out to be a nursing home volunteer whose grandmother, a former arts & crafts volunteer at that same location, was knocked off by either an employee or a relative of a nursing home resident. Our volunteer asks too many questions of the residents, who wind up complaining that she’s being too intrusive. This results in a confrontation between the program supervisor and the volunteer.

The antagonist is a married man whom our volunteer is dating. The arrogant SOB has something to do with the deaths of the volunteer’s grandmother, as well as several other residents, but we couldn’t explore that relationship in a fifty-minute time frame.

It was lots of fun. Maybe you can attend one of my workshops next time!

Jennie Spallone,
author of
Deadly Choices

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