The Most Wonderful Birthday Weekend


Had such a great time for my birthday, which theoretically isn’t until tomorrow. My husband took me to Pheasant Run Resort, wehre we ushed for Married Alive! As I’ve mentioned a thousand times before, get hooked up with the Saints if you love seeing plays!

Anyway, we started off the evening by eating at a fabulous chinese restaurant on North Avenue just east of downtown St. Charles. It was right next to Dominicks. Sorry, I don’t recall the restaurant name, but if you really need to know, just contact me.

After dinner and the play, we went dancing at the bar next to the gift shop at the Resort. Okay, so I’m lousy at remembering names. The band was amazing; they played everything from R & B to old school rock.

Today we relaxed by the outside pool, then drove into downtown St. Charles and went for a long walk along the river. Beautiful big park there! Have a good labor Day weekend.

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