Publishing my First Suspense Novel


I’ve written two other suspense novels besides Deadly Choices, but it’s been hell getting them published. I think that’s because I wrote Deadly before starting my ADHD meds. Thus, my first novel was one mad dash to the finish line in only 211 pages! The premise was simple: A female paramedic kidnaps the baby she just delivered, then gives it to her best friend, a Born-Again Christian foster care mom, to raise as her own. Friendship, trust, betrayal. It was fascinating to explore how easily a person can tiptoe over the line of legality to reach their heart’s desire.
Deadly Choices won Third Place for Mystery Fiction at the Police Writers Association Conference (currently the Public Safety Writers Association) in Las Vegas, 2006.

Fatal Reaction and Window of Guilt have been more complicated sells. Although previously represented by a Florida literary agent, I pulled both manuscripts after a handful of months because I felt they needed re-editing. We’re talking 300 pages per book, here. Ideas need to be clear, concise, and there needs to be lots of red herrings — fake leads — in the plot line progression.

Now I’m ready to start again. Looking for an ambitious agent to get me there. I do lots of my own marketing and speak throughout the country so it shouldn’t be a problem. Hopefully! And I am on my ADHD meds now!

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