Author Jennie’s First Blog


This is my first blog ever. I want to devote it to Julia and Julie. This is the new movie in which Julie, a bored government worker, resolves to teach herself to cook by preparing each of Julia Child’s 524 French cooking recipes in just 365 days, then blogging about the experience. Fascinating to contemplate whether this yummy movie will inspire us to toss our frozen pizzas in the trash and begin cooking healthy meals from scratch.

When it comes to this Movie, the word “healthy” is really an oxymoron. “Butter” is the Numero Uno word in this movie, as in “Everything tastes better when it’s cooked in butter.” That cooking theme doesn’t do much for food lovers with clogged arteries or three-hundred pound thighs. But it sure causes one to reflect on how these French dishes would taste with low fat ingredients sauteed in butter-substitute.

I should tell you that before becoming a published suspense author, I was a freelance journalist for newspapers and magazines. I’m used to asking questions. Thus, each of my blogs will pose a question for you to think about or discuss with me or a friend. My first question is: Are you the type of person who would feel comfortable messing with the printed instructions of a recipe in order to change the nutritional value of that recipe? Or maybe you popped open a cookbook, found a tantalizing recipe, but realized that your pantry was missing one or two ingredients. Would you prepare the recipe anyway? Why or why not?

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