Reviews – Window of Guilt


Jennie -window-of-guilt-book-coverWindow of Guilt

Three of five stars, Interesting Read
By LAS (Long and Short Reviews) Reviewer on August 15, 2013
Laurie Atkins finds a body in her front yard, but then the body disappears and no one seems willing to believe her. Then the body turns up in her neighbor’s driveway, but no one can identify it. This is a mystery with enough twists and turns to keep everyone guessing. There are secrets piled on top of secrets. There are multiple characters with the same initials. Nothing makes sense until the very end of the story.Jennie Spallone has written an intriguing and mystifying plot involving a lot of very different characters, many of whom are lying and withholding information.
The plot moves between Wisconsin and Chicago, and it is told from many different perspectives, with jumps forward and backwards in time. The multiple perspectives do provide the reader with a lot of information, which is helpful, but occasionally the point of view gets broken and multiple perspectives operate in the same scene. However, the plot is engaging and, while I would have liked to have seen more depth to the characters, overall it hangs together well and I was eager to discover how it would all work out.
It is also refreshing to have a mystery novel with very little violence. And it is fun to have a real estate agent solving the mystery. Mystery fans seeking a plot with plenty of twists and turns, along with a slew of secrets, will enjoy unraveling the story behind the mystery man’s corpse.Originally posted at Long and Short Reviews

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