Q & A


Conversation with the Author

Q. Chicago’s pre-gentrified West Side plays an important role in shaping the story and its characters.  Why set the novel there?

A. In both a psychological and physical sense, the characters are forced to deal with the stark, gritty heartbeat of life on the edge.

Q. How did you decide to write the story using three point of view characters?

A. In my rough draft, I had thirty six point of view characters, each with her or his own opinion!  Just narrowing it down to Beth, Jean, and Sam was a feat in itself!

Q. What writers have inspired you? What are your working on now?

A. I love suspense novels, by Anna Salter, Dean Koontz, Joy Fielding, James Patterson, Sara Paretsky, Barb D’Amato, Jonathan and Faye Kellerman, Jon Katz, and Robert Walker. These authors demonstrate how everyday characters can exhibit extraordinary problem solving abilities. They also taught me that suspense is in the details.

I have completed Fatal Reaction, a suspense novel involving a junior high school student who poisons his father. Currently I am working on Market for Murder, a suspense novel about a serial killer of Realtors.

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