Q & A


Conversation with the Author

Q: Why did you write Window of Guilt?

A:  I wanted to explore how critical decisions made independently of one’s spouse impacts the marital relationship.

Q: What motivated you to use health insurance fraud as the backdrop for your story?

A: I wanted to choose a moral dilemma in today’s workplace that would cause an ethical person to consider resigning his job, despite money and family responsibilities. In this case, the precepts of Judaism play a major role in making that decision.

Q:  How did you come up with your book title?

A: All of my books explore the consequences of personal choice. Ryan’s refusal to discuss with his wife the reasons for abandoning his career, along with his assumption concerning the identity of the dead body, force him to view his life through a window of guilt. When that window shatters, Ryan is devastated.

Q:  How would you describe Laurie’s relationship with her husband?

A: Laurie loves her husband. Yet she sees him as a passive individual and constantly attempts to mold him into her vision of the “perfect” man. Stung by her mother’s choice to physically distance herself from their family, coupled with her father’s recent death, Laurie acts out within her own marriage her feelings of abandonment.

Q:  You use “mistaken identity” as a sub-plot in both your books. Why?

A:  A major theme for me is that we can’t judge a book by its cover, no pun intended! We all need to dig deeper into the character of the people with whom we associate.

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