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ISBN: 9780972676816

Dr. Katherine Cook, Ph.D, struggles with frequent black outs, memory loss, and impulsive behavior. Items she’s not purchased turn up in her desk drawer and refrigerator. After neurological and physical tests come back negative, the Chicago domestic violence psychologist fears she is losing her mind.

As Kate wrestles with her health situation, a serial killer of pedophiles is on the loose in the City. CPD detectives Maggie O’Connor and Monroe Jackson plod through a tangled web of leads, while the FBI chomps to take over the Case.

Then Kate’s colleague reveals a member of the Loved Ones of Pedophiles support group they cohost may be involved in the killings. Now the psychologist must decide whether to betray the anonymity of their members, or allow a serial killer to walk free. Either way, she will be forced to confront childhood truths she’s kept hidden for two decades — even from herself.


“The author has done her homework, and you’ll find that the psychological issues in this story are very well researched and credible… All of this comes together, as if building an mysterious cloud of fog that has to be entered, explored and studied before being able to determine the answer so desperately sought…

“I enjoyed reading this book. It is well written and kept my interest through to the end. I will admit that I didn’t identify the killer until near the end of the story. Maybe you will do better than I. There were a few other surprises for me, but I can’t reveal those.

“I fully recommend this book – Happy Reading!”

-Jeff Garrett, Amazon Reader

“Jennie Spallone takes us to some very dark places in this original psychological thriller.”

-Sam Reaves, author of Bury It Deep and A Long Cold Fall

“Jennie Spallone delves into the dark corners of the human mind to create a riveting novel with a complex, compelling main character.”

-Jaden Terrell, author of the Jared McKean mysteries

“Jennie Spallone has authored a fast-paced, psychological thriller that will take the reader for an adventure into the world of multiple personalities and police work.”

-Melissa Floyd, Ph. D., Professor and Chair of the Department of Social Work, UNCG

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