Discussion Questions – Psychobabble



  1. What symptoms is Katherine experiencing? How do these symptoms affect her personal and professional life?
  2. What is Katherine’s relationship with Dr. Sobel?
  3. Do you think their relationship would work best as patient/therapist or as friends? Why?
  4. How do Katherine’s childhood traumas impact her life as an adult?
  5. How would you describe the relationship between Detectives Maggie O’Connor and Monroe Jackson?
  6. After Katherine’s test results come back negative, she thinks someone is playing mind games with her. Who does she suspect and why?
  7. How does Maggie’s list of suspects to interview regarding the serial killer differ from Monroe’s? Discuss.
  8. Why doesn’t Katherine want to work with pedophiles?
  9. Why does Katherine finally agree to co-host a treatment group with Dr. Rob Lassiter? How does this decision affect her growth as a therapist and as a character?
  10. What topics are discussed during Group? How are these discussion topics used to reveal character and move the plot forward?
  11. Did you predict any of the Group members was connected to the serial killer? Why or why not?
  12. Describe Bobby Bonasera’s relationship with the strippers? With the detectives? With the homeless veteran? With his landlord? What effect did these various relationships have on the story?
  13. What effect does Jayde have on Katherine? How does their relationship change?
  14. Who is the actual serial killer? Why did that person choose to kill pedophiles?
  15. Who are the heroes in this story? What makes them heroic?
  16. Is there a satisfying conclusion? Why or why not?

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