Fatal Reaction


Fatal Reaction Cover ArtLake Forest bank executive Joseph Barge is dead and everybody he’s tormented is celebrating, all except Ellie, his 13 year-old daughter. Left to the cold glare of her father who drowned his sorrows in rage and alcohol, Ellie resorted to bullying to get his attention. Years ago, she lost her mother. Now her father,too!

In shock at her father’s death, Ellie plunges into a deep depression, unable to communicate with the outside world. Distressed by her student’s suffering, special education teacher Mitzy Maven teams up with CPD Detective Maggie O’Connor and hottie North Shore Detective Eric Whelan to solve the case. It doesn’t take long for Mitzy, a former investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune, to discover a slew of suspects who wanted Barge gone. A disgruntled co-worker. The sexually-harassed nanny. The sister-in-law who fought for custody. Half the White Oaks Middle School teaching staff!

(Click here to read first two chapters)   (Discussion Questions for Fatal Reaction)

Fatal Reaction

“A fascinating array of characters lead the reader through the mysterious inner life of an emotional disturbed girl and her dysfunctional family. FATAL REACTION bursts with intrigue and ends with a satisfying conclusion.”

Marilyn Meredith, author of Night Watch & Deadly Trail

“A school setting with a special education environment that exudes authenticity. Mitzy Maven is a solid entry in the detective world.”

Barb D’Amato, author of Hard Bargain & Help Me Please!

“A vulnerable young girl, a murder victim with too many enemies, and a gutsy teacher-turned-sleuth who won’t take no for an answer…. FATAL REACTION is a pager-turner that keeps you guessing even as it tugs at your heart.”

D.M. Pirrone, author of No Less in Blood


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