Discussion Questions – Deadly Choices


  1. How is Deadly Choice’s Chicago setting significant?
  2. What role does Angie play in the novel?
  3. How does Beth justify kidnapping the baby?
  4. Describe the dilemma Sue is faced with. How would you respond to Beth’s request?
  5. Explain why Captain Paine goes to such lengths to bring Angie and Beth down. How does his plan backfire?
  6. Explore the spiritual and psychological transformation Beth and Sue undergo throughout the novel. How is their friendship affected?
  7. How does Sam’s dilemma of silence mirror that of the other characters in the novel? How would you react in that situation?
  8. Why is Jean perplexed with Beth’s responses? What methods would you employ to force Beth to reveal her true motives in the kidnapping?
  9. What adjectives describe Beth’s character? Does she inspire empathy? Why or why not?
  10. Answer the previous questions regarding Sue.
  11. What themes run throughout the novel?
  12. Was the end satisfying? Why or why not?


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ISBN: 9781492962021
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