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Jennie -deadly-choices-cover larger 300pDeadly Choices

4.0 out of 5 stars, Great suspenseful mystery set around an EMT
April 9, 2008 – 

By Dawn Dowdle, “Mystery reviewer,” Lynchburg, VA
Beth is a rookie paramedic riding with Angie who does drugs while on duty, but since she’s a veteran, Beth knows no one will believe her. When Angie hits a young pregnant woman with the ambulance on a deserted street, Beth finds herself delivering the baby alone. She can’t save the mother, so she kidnaps the baby and turns it over to a friend of hers who is a foster mother. Her fire captain doesn’t think women have a place in the firehouse. So when he suspects her involvement in the kidnapping, he confronts her. He has a heart attack, and Beth saves his life. Not long after he dies and Angie’s journal is found and passed on to an Internal Affairs Detective. Eventually Beth gets caught. A high-power lawyer defends her, finishing the story with page-turning suspense.This story gives the reader a rare glimpse into the daily routine of a paramedic, especially in an all-male fire station. It shows the stresses involved and how bad choices can affect everything we do.While you might not like what Beth did, you will like Beth and her struggles to do the right things. I hope the author will write more books with Beth .If you like a book that will keep you guessing with plenty of suspense, you will love this book. I highly recommend it.
5.0 out of 5 stars, Enthralling paramedic drama, May 29, 2006
By Amazon Customer (Delaware
Deadly Choices is a page-turning thriller about a rookie female paramedic (Beth) who finds herself kidnapping a motherless child while on duty. When her overweight fire captain suspects her involvement in the kidnapping, he confronts her. As it turns out, the fire captain has a heart attack and Beth saves his life. Her 15 minutes of being the fire station hero comes to an abrupt end shortly after her captain dies and his journal surfaces into the hands of an internal affairs detective. Eventually the mysterious trail leads to Beth and she gets caught. A high-power lawyer defends her and the story ends with a page-turning courtroom drama.
Deadly Choices provides a rare look into the day to day activities of a paramedic, which is something new to me at least. The story also forces you to feel compassionate about female paramedics in an all-male fire station. Think GI Jane meets a typical Grisham big city lawyer. The plot is suitable for Lifetime television. It’s a good and easy read that is pleasantly entertaining.


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