Falling Behind


Ever feel like you’re falling behind? Bought a couple of condos as investments when economic times were good. After all, I’m a Realtor as well as a writer. I should know the score, right? Wrong. Not even the big whigs knew the true height of the cliff from which we were soon set to plunge. Yesterday’s Tribune said fifty percent of homeowners have run in the other direction rather than phone their mortgage lenders to ask for refinancing assistance. Not me, baby! I picked up the phone and dialed my new lender. the person I needed to talk to wasn’t available but the person who answered the phone was so courteous and caring that I went away feeling that I’d made the right decision to leave my message with him so that he might pass it on to the appropriate party. Just to make sure that, in fact, my message did reach the appropriate party, I hinted that I wouldn’t be making my next mortgage payment until I spoke to that person. The young man assured me that he’d e-mail his supervisor ASAP. Now that’s what I call service!

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