Up Close And Gone: Discussion Questions


Up Close And Gone Cover Art

  1. What was your first impression of Shana Kahn? Why?
  2. How did you react to Shana’s interaction with Zander’s stepfather? Why?
  3. Why did Rachel and Becca feel that their mother had embarrassed them?
  4. If you were Shana, would you have reacted in a similar or different manner during the brunch argument? Why?
  5. How did you feel toward Rachel and Becca? Did your view of them change?
  6. What were your first/later impressions of David as a husband and father?
  7. How did Daniel’s backstory, told through the eyes of his adoptive parents, enhance the plot?
  8. How did you feel about Daniel in the beginning? How did your view of him change, if at all, by the end?
  9. How did Shana and her daughters change, if any, throughout the book?
  10. Were you surprised at the end? Why or why not?


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