Discussion Questions – Window of Guilt


  1. How does Laurie react upon discovering a dead body on the lawn of her summer home? How would you react in a similar situation?
  2. What is Ryan’s response when Laurie tells him the dead body disappeared? Why is he focused on discrediting her account of events leading up to the disappearance?
  3. Do the local police take Laurie seriously? Why or why not?
  4. Discuss Laurie and Ryan’s marital relationship. How does their constant bickering affect their son?
  5. After the dead body turns up on Helga Beckerman’s driveway, describe how Laurie attempts to discover TG’s identity.
  6. Why is Ryan unsupportive of his wife’s investigation? Describe the feelings of guilt that permeate his life.
  7. What special favor does Laurie ask of Mitzy on Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar? Why?
  8. How does Ryan change upon returning from his trek to Champagne? Why?
  9. Why did Ryan initially leave Great Harvest? What does Ryan hope to achieve upon visiting his former employer? How do his expectations play out?
  10. When Brad, Jr. suspects Ryan has reported Great Harvest to the insurance board, how does he retaliate? How does this retaliation impact Ryan’s marital relationship?
  11. Discuss how the lives of Helga, Elizabeth, and Gerald are intertwined.
  12. Explain Arnold’s unrequited love for Laurie and how the napkin with the two addresses culminates in TG’s death.
  13. Describe the heartbreak and consequences of Griselda’s unrequited love for Gerald. How does she save Laurie’s life?
  14. Does Gerald learn of his son’s whereabouts before he kills himself? How does TG die?
  15. How have Laurie and Ryan changed by the end of the story?


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